Kamikaze Teppanyaki - Chermside Westfield

By Jarrad

Kamikaze Teppanyaki has recently opened at Chermside Westfield serving delicious, healthy Japanese food in a brand new venue.

The wall behind the bar is a colourful mosaic and there are quirky booth seats along the wall which complement the traditional Teppanyaki plates in the centre of the room.










The new venue is a hit with customers prompting the owners to comment that it is their "best site yet". With Kamikaze Teppanyaki Robina and Malacca Malay at the Hyperdome in their suite of venues, it's exciting to open a brand new venue and have it sit at the top of the tree!

Commercial Kitchen Company worked closely with the venue to provide the best kitchen available which was suited to their brand new menu.  All the equipment going in to the venue was brand new, with a Luus cooking line including 4 x 1200 Teppanyaki plates.  Our partners at Skope Refrigeration, Bromic and Hobart also supplied new equipment for the kitchen and bar.  We sourced crockery from Longfine and Trenton with glassware also being supplied.

Kamikaze Teppanyaki is a hit with locals and families so make sue you go in and check out the amazing food and fit out.

Written by: Jodie Terzis

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