3 Tips To Save Your Commercial Refrigeration This Summer

By Jarrad

Along with regular cleaning, there are a few things you can do to ensure your commercial refrigerator handles the Aussie summer. We have created these tips based on our customer's most common issues and speaking with product manufacturers.


What could be worse than during the Christmas period your commercial fridge breaks down right in the middle of lunch service. What if your chef goes to grab some fresh salmon to prepare an order only to find that it has gone bad due to high temps? There are some small things you can do to reduce the risk your fridge will breakdown during the peak of summer.


Now, remember whenever you are cleaning your commercial refrigeration or freezer with water or chemicals, make sure to disconnect the power supply first!


Tip 1# Inspect/Clean the Condenser Coil

Firstly you will need clear access to the condenser of your commercial refrigerator, then you will want to check it is clean. Most coils will collect some dust, and some even may have ice build-up.


For dust build-up ensure you have a vacuum or soft wire brush to clean the coil fins. Cleaning the coils will not only ensure they last longer but also maximise airflow so your refrigerator can run at its peak.


If you are faced with ice on your condenser coil, this could be due to excess moisture around your condenser. You may need to switch off your refrigerator and let the ice melt before cleaning the condenser. Ice build-up restricts airflow through the coils, which will increase the chances of issues when it is put under pressure.


It could also be that there is a problem with drainage or the condenser itself.  You may need to consult with a refrigeration specialist or contact the manufacturer.


If you are not sure how to access the condenser coils check with your manufacturer's guide. If you are not comfortable to do this, there are commercial refrigeration mechanics who can inspect and clean the condenser for you.


Tip 2# Using The Right Chemicals

What type of chemicals you use when you are wiping over your fridge may seem insignificant.

Harsh chemicals or using the wrong chemicals can degrade the seals and gaskets of your commercial refrigerator or freezer and can also leave behind residue which can collect dust and help bacteria grow. Something as simple as checking the chemicals you are using can have a significant impact on your refrigerators longevity. Avoid using bleaches or alcohol-based cleaners on door seals these can slowly damage the rubber.


We supply a wide range of cleaning chemicals and we can help you select safe and effective chemicals to use on your commercial refrigerator.


Tip 3# Keep The Unit Dry

Moisture is the enemy! Moisture is not only bad for what you put in your fridge, but it can damage everything from circuit boards to freezing up your condenser coils. To avoid moisture, evaluate not only your fridge, but what surrounds your fridge. Is there sufficient space around your unit that allows unobstructed airflow? Do you store wet mops or buckets next to your refrigerator? Every little extra source of moisture can add up and affect your unit.


You should also ensure you are emptying the drip tray (if necessary) and ensure drainage is clear so moisture can evaporate effectively. This will make sure your refrigeration is as dry as possible and running at its peak.



Following these tips, along with regular cleaning, can help prevent any costly breakdowns over the busy periods. It will also ensure your commercial refrigerator is running at its peak even when it is put under significant pressure.


If you are unsure whether your commercial fridge will make it through the busy summer period, come and speak with us to go through your options.

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