Why Certified Used Equipment Is a Wise Investment for Your Business

By Jarrad

When you’re running a hospitality business, buying brand new equipment might not always be available with your budget. This is where certified used commercial kitchen equipment comes to the rescue.

What is certified used equipment?

Silver Chef used commercial kitchen equipment are professional grade hospitality equipment that has been previously used (often less than 12 months), and then refurbished to be sold at significantly reduced price. These products come with a warranty and are more than ready to take on a busy kitchen’s load.

Why should you buy certified used equipment?

The major reason Silver Chef certified used commercial kitchen equipment is popular in the industry is that they help food service businesses get started when money is tight. You can choose to rent the catering equipment, and later purchase items at a reduced price or simply return the rented equipment without any obligations. This is a great option if you find the equipment doesn’t meet your needs or you decide to upgrade your equipment later down the line.

Certified used equipment goes through a six-step refurbishment process that includes cleaning and testing to comply with certified standards. Any damaged parts or broken ones are replaced and repaired and then quality assured to get the equipment ready for sale. All our used commercial kitchen equipment is highly efficient and reasonably priced for any hospitality environment.

All our Silver Chef used kitchen equipment comes with warranty, so you know you are protected. Silver Chef’s rent-try-buy option also gives you several flexible payment options, so you can focus on your business growth, without stressing about your budget.

If you want more information about our Silver Chef certified used commercial kitchen equipment, then contact Commercial Kitchen Company today. With offices in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, we supply both new and used commercial kitchen equipment for all your food preparation, coffee, beverages, and commercial cooking needs.

Commercial Kitchen Company is “Everything Hospitality”. A proudly Australian owned and operated company, we are Queensland’s leading supplier of quality commercial kitchen equipment and catering supplies. With Queensland’s largest “Grab & Go” showrooms, a visit to one of our two convenient locations is sure to impress. Relax at our café and sample our coffee. Chat with our qualified barista and pick up some helpful industry tips.

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  1. Definitely. If you're not buying certified, you're setting yourself up for failure. I work in the grease trap and plumbing industry and the amount of money I've seen people spend to fix problems from uncertified equipment is enormous.

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