Hobart CN-A PROFI Rack Conveyor

Hobart CN-A PROFI Rack Conveyor


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Product Advantages

  • INFOTRONIC clear text colour touch screen control
  • 8kW stainless steel main wash pump
  • C20 heat recovery system to minimise energy consumption and operating costs
  • Low 150L per hour triple rinse with rinse pump to guarantee rinse volume
  • Auto timer for efficient time-saving operation
  • 100% hygiene deep drawn stainless steel wash tank with stainless steel tank strainer system
  • Door insulation included for improved work environment & lower operating costs
  • Efficient 3-speed operation (80/95/150 racks/hr)
  • Includes emergency stop and main switch
  • Wash-rinse actuator to ensure economic operation
  • New wash arms without end caps

Accessories Include:

  • Corner angle feeders
  • Dryers (Straight and 90º)
  • Exit roller tables
  • Curved Exit/entry modules
  • RLS (rack loading stations)

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Hobart CN-A Spec Sheet

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