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HOBART Warewashing

HOBART is the leader in high-powered and reliable commercial glasswashers, dishwashers and pass-through dishwashers.


A Powerful Glasswasher That Shine Every Time

The leading brand in commercial glasswashers, HOBART is by far the first brand that comes to mind. HOBART's Glasswasher ranges in size, power and capability, which can include WiFi connectivity. When you are looking for a reliable glasswasher, look no further than the HOBART ECOMAX series. They can be used across industries including airline catering, commercial kitchens, bars and even industrial applications. The flexibility of HOBART's glasswashers is unmatched by its competitors and constantly innovating they won't be caught.

A Commercial Dishwasher That Never Lets You Down

Engineered in Germany, the HOBART Dishwasher is known as one of the worlds best commercial dishwashers. Powerful and flexible these dishwashers are used throughout the industries with a variety of applications. HOBART Commercial Dishwashers are environmentally efficient using as little as 1 litre of water per cycle. HOBART's Undercounter Dishwashers are versatile and have a range of wash cycles. They are suited mostly to plates, cutlery and glassware; however, the FXL model can handle more substantial items like large pots, chopping boards, etc.

A High-Powered Pass-Through That Can Handle Anything

The HOBART Pass-Through Dishwashers are for any high-volume venue that needs to wash a lot of plates, cutlery, glasses, utensils, equipment at scale. These commercial pass-through's are powerful and built to last, and they will handle almost any amount of work you can throw at it! These machines are built with speed and ease of use in mind. The HOBART Pass-through is the leading dishwasher of its kind at all price-points. Reliable German engineering these pass-through dishwashers will stand the test of time. All models include the ability to be straight or corner loading and include Accurinse and Intensive Wash Cycles.

Rack Conveyor - The Large Scale Solution For Dishwashing

A HOBART Rack Conveyor is a unique design system that allows the automation of loading, washing and unloading dishes. A rack conveyor takes dirty dishes along a conveyor and through the dishwasher, coming our sparkling clean on the other side. For large scale businesses that need to wash dishes and equipment at a high-speed, this is the perfect solution. There is a wide range of rack conveyor that HOBART sells, and a lot of them can be customised to suit your needs.

GREAT, BETTER, BEST! A Warewasher To Suit Your Needs

HOBART warewashers have three tiers that provide customers with a choice. All lines are leaders in their own right and are the market leaders for their price point. If you are looking for a reliable commercial warewasher of any size or price HOBART has you covered.

The ECOMAX line is HOBART's standard warewasher, but there is nothing standard about it! The ECOMAX has features that other manufacturers reserve for there premium models. Including high-quality german engineering with heavy-duty construction built to last. HOBART have created their ECOMAX series with the user in mind, keeping simple to use and maintain.

HOBART's PROFI line of warewashers has raised the bar in what a "standard" warewasher should be — engineered in Germany, HOBART has researched the industries its warewashers are used in and developed solutions. The PROFI range is most commonly used in the hospitality industry looking for a reliable and easy to use warewasher.

HOBART's PREMAX commercial warewasher has the latest technology and is the leading class of warewashers. The PREMAX range includes patented features like ActivDry Technology and Vapostop. ActivDry is an integrated drying system exclusive to the PREMAX Ranges, no more hand drying glasses. Vapostop is another exclusive feature which improves usability as it stops the typically standard plume of steam that comes out of a recently finished warewasher.

Cutting Edge Technology Built Into Your HOBART Dishwasher

The WashSmart App has been developed by HOBART to interact with their PROFI & PREMAX series warewashers. HOBART gives you access to a comprehensive overview of your machine free of charge for five years. This app allows you to do a variety of notifications and errors, including:
• Machine status (keep up-to-date regarding the states of all your machines) 
• Fault messages (push notifications inform you of any system errors) 
• Operating cost calculator (cost overview of water, detergent and power consumption) 
• Information on hygiene (indication and easy download of a hygiene report) 
• Ordering consumables (easy ordering of consumables) 
• Usage (information about the efficient use of the machine)

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