How to Take Proper Care of Your Espresso Machine

By Jarrad

If you own a coffee shop or commercial kitchen, your commercial espresso machine can be the life of your café. While the quality of the coffee you are serving is very important, the brew is largely affected by the espresso machine itself. No matter how good the coffee beans and preparation technique, an unclean espresso machine compromises the taste of the coffee being made.

How often should you clean your espresso machine?

While some parts of espresso machines need changing annually, some need servicing every two to three months and all machines need cleaning daily. Nightly back flushing is critical along with the cleaning of group heads, shower screens and filter baskets. Keeping these parts clean is essential to maintaining great tasting coffee. Soak portafilters and baskets weekly.

Keep an eye on your water filters, pumps and switches and change them as needed. Pressure safety valves, portafilter baskets, waste pipes, capacitor on pump motors and sight glass need changing annually. You should descale the machine every two to three months.

Daily cleaning routine

Oil from the coffee causes resin build up in certain areas of your machine, including the shower screens and group heads. Without proper cleaning these oils compromise the taste of the espresso. This is why you should backflush the espresso machine daily.

Clean the group heads using coffee detergent and small scrubbing pads. Rinse the shower screens and filter baskets using clean water. Wipe the parts with separate towels to avoid cross contamination. Don’t let any detergent enter any internal part of the machine, as it can taint your next brew.

Other tips

After making every cup, purge the remaining water and milk out of the steam wand. Otherwise the leftover milk will stay in the boiler forever. Likewise, water that’s too hard leaves magnesium and calcium deposits in the machine. By using filtered water in your espresso machine, you can improve the taste of your espresso and extend the life of your machine.

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