Rational Combi Oven

Rational's Combi Ovens are fast becoming the new staple for commercial kitchens of all shapes and sizes.

The Perfect Tool For Chef's At Any Scale

Although Combi ovens have been traditionally known as equipment for bulk production, they have moved into a more restaurant setting thanks to Rational. Rational Combi Ovens are designed and built in Germany with kitchens of all scales in mind from an artisan bakery to large scale food production kitchen. Combi Ovens being so versatile, are used continuously in new and innovative ways. A great example is the Asian cuisine market where they are being used for cooking everything from noodles to whole ducks. A Rational Combi Oven eliminates the need for multiple large pieces of equipment like wok burners, griddles, etc.

Why Is Rational The World's Leading Combi Oven?

We are one of Australia's Leading Rational Combi Oven Suppliers, and that is because we believe in their capability and versatility to deliver what you, the customer, needs. Rational only designs and manufactures combi ovens, so they can solely focus on designing quality, easy to use and versatile combi ovens. This is why their equipment is regarded as the worlds best combi ovens across all scales of applications.

Innovation is at the heart of Rational's philosophy, from design to usability and adaptability. Rational's mission is to create a high-speed, powerful Combi Oven that can be in any commercial kitchen setting. This was not possible in the past as the focus of combi ovens was on large scale production kitchens like hospitals, airlines, cruise ships, etc. Rational's ability to solely focus on one type of commercial kitchen equipment they have been able to capture the power and versatility of large scale production ovens and created affordable solutions for smaller-scale applications. Rational combi ovens are the leading brand of combi ovens for their quality, usability and their wide range of uses in all types of commercial kitchens.

There are two branches of the Rational combi oven range both the leading combi ovens in their distinct areas. Firstly is the more affordable option the CombiMaster Range which has a more streamlined approach and is perfect for those chefs who like more control or looking for a simple yet powerful combi oven. Then there is the Rational SelfCookingCenter Range are the leading class of intelligent automatic combi ovens on the market. This incredible piece of commercial kitchen equipment can cook amazing and complex dishes at the push of the button. The SelfCookingCenter can replace many other pieces of kitchen equipment that is used for traditionally cooking the same meals.

The Rational Combi Oven - More Than Just An Oven

There is so much more to the Rational Combi Oven then only it's cooking power. The Rational range is another class when it comes to self-cleaning operations, support for your combi oven and adaptability. The Rational combi ovens use tablets for there self-cleaning cycles which minimizes human exposure to cleaning chemicals and simplifies the maintenance of your machines. The SelfCookingCenter takes this to the next level, indicating what cleaning cycle the machine needs based on the amount of work it has done throughout the day.

As combi ovens are a relatively new piece of cooking equipment, many chef's are not aware of their capability and range of applications. So at Commercial Kitchen Company, we hold CookingLive Demonstrations sporadically throughout the year to educate people interested in taking their cooking to the next level. Follow us on Facebook for updates and details on how to register for the next CookingLive Event.

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