What to Consider Before Buying a Commercial Blender

A commercial blender is a must have for any newbie chef starting a commercial kitchen. The type of commercial blender needed for your restaurant depends on the type of food you will be serving. Is it a coffee shop? Is the blender for making smoothies from fresh fruits or for hearty soups? So, if you’re considering buying a commercial blender, here are a few things to consider.

Jug or Immersion?

Commercial blenders vary in size, type and function. Blenders with a jar or jug are probably the most popular for commercial kitchens. With jug blenders you can purchase different blade designs to suit different ingredients, from making soup, juices to processing hard foods. Hand blenders or immersion blenders are more convenient, but usually only come with puree making and blending features. You can however purchase additional attachments for chopping or processing food.


Blender jugs are usually made of polycarbonate, co-polyester, stainless steel or glass. Polycarbonate is a very durable, almost unbreakable material that can be used for multiple kinds of food. Polycarbonate jugs are however not recommended for processing hot foods because they contain BPA. Co-polyester jugs handle hot and acidic foods better than polycarbonate and are reasonably durable. Stainless steel jugs are durable and low maintenance, but they do not offer transparency like other jugs. Glass jugs offer great visibility and are good for a range of hot and cold ingredients, but generally have lower power to reduce the risk of shattering.

Noise and Controls

Some commercial blenders have noise reduction enclosures that will keep the motor noise in your kitchen to a minimum. This is a good idea if your blender is on a countertop or bar near customers. There are several types of commercial blender controls: toggle/paddle, electronic, and programmable controls. Each type of control has its own perks. Toggle or paddle controls are the least expensive and are great for blending where you don’t need precise control over the blender speed and timing. Programmable type blenders are the most expensive but are perfect for high-volume commercial kitchens where the same beverages or ingredients are prepared repeatedly throughout the day.

Maintenance and Capacity

The jug capacity of a blender depends on the type of food you are making and the way you are serving it. If you are looking for ease of cleaning, ensure that the blender you choose has removable blades and jug pads. Hand immersion blenders, while limited in some ways, are incredibly easy to clean.


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